Calling on New Zealand residents (age 5 - 105)

Design a poster and be in to win one of four $1000 prizes, and have your poster put up around the country.


We want you to help us move forwards with finding solutions to make Aotearoa (NZ) a better place for us and our children to live. 

- Protect Our Future (“Tiaki a Mātāhauariki”) -

We want you to design a poster showing us the perfect future for Aotearoa. What would it look like and how could we achieve it?

Some of the themes you could include in your poster might be - 

Expanding local food self-sufficiency.

Ensuring safe drinking water in all communities

Protecting and Restoring our Biodiversity

 Expanding our Carbon Sinks – reserve areas of native bush and  wetlands

Empowering Tangata Whenua and Local Communities

Reducing  Consumption and Dangerous Emissions

You don't need include very single one and you might have some of your own ideas you want to put in but posters which do incorporate a number of these themes will be more likely to win.

You also HAVE to use the words 'Protect Our Future - Tiaki a Mātāhauariki' somewhere on your poster or it will not be eligible for judging.


Great Kiwi Poster Competition poster 2023

Competition begins 24 April 2023

Entries close 5pm, Sunday, July 16, 2023

Submit Yours Here

Competition Categories

There are three judged categories where ten highly commended posters are put up on the website for people to vote for their favourite.

Each category winner will receive $1000 and have their poster put up all over New Zealand!


Ages 5 to 10


Ages 11 to 14


Ages 15 to 21


Ages 22 and up


What are we looking for in a winning poster?

Your poster must include the words ‘Protect Our Future - Tiaki a Mātāhauariki’ in both English and Te Reo. The winning poster should also contain references to some but not all of the following.

Clean water and clear skies

Wild places and native forests

A vibrant ecosystem

A caring multi-cultural society

Sustainable energy projects

People as part of nature



How will we be selecting the winners?

The judges will be looking for the following in your artwork

Relevance to the theme

Originality of concept


Technical execution

Impact and engagement


Aims of the Competition

We want to give our young people a voice

They’re the ones who will most be affected by the environmental breakdown caused by ongoing climate change. We want them to help us move forwards with finding solutions to make Aotearoa (NZ) a better place for them and their children to live.

  • Spread hope and positivity that there are other ways of doing things and its not too late to fix the broken systems and move forwards together as part of nature, rather than seeing ourselves as somehow separate.

  • Promote the idea of ‘re-wilding’ – meaning planting large areas in native trees etc and trying to leave around a third of the land as a place for nature to flourish without human interference.

  • Encourage both personal responsibility to produce less pollution and emissions but also encourage the idea that major system changes are necessary above and beyond individual sacrifices.

  • Support the visual arts in New Zealand with winning artists being profiled nationally. At least one previous winner (from the first competition) has gone on to become a successful professional artist.

  • Promote and celebrate the posters and the craft of poster-making as a viable and persuasive way of presenting important information and ideas in the 21rst Century.

  • Celebrate the ideas of globalism, multiculturalism and kaitiakitanga (natural stewardship).

Submissions begin 24 April, 2023

Entries close 5pm, Sunday, July 16, 2023

Submit Yours Here